What is Redistricting?

If you are resident in the state of Michigan, then you are currently living in what is called a district. Elected officials are from these districts and are elected by the people residing in these particular districts that they are running in.  As you can imagine, the makeup of the people within the district can have a large impact on who becomes elected for positions such as state senate, house of reps, state legislators, and other local offices.  For example, lower income families and individuals statistically vote democrat for obvious reasons.  In this district, it makes sense that the elected official will end up being in the democrat party more times than not.   While redistricting is necessary to keep up changing populations, it’s vital to make sure the politicians are not using gerrymandering to manipulate districts in their favor.  The results of the redistricting were disappointing, and now Governor Rick Snyder is going after no-fault reform.   If you have never heard of gerrymandering, it is the practice of drawing districts to earn an advantage when it comes to voting.  Essentially, it is when politicians are selecting voters instead of voters electing politicians.  They purposely redraw boundaries in “clever” ways which may help a candidate win an election.

This website is meant to inform Michigan residents about redistricting so that politicians cannot take advantage of the process. If you are informed enough to draw a redistricting map yourself, it will be impossible for them to cleverly illustrate boundary lines and their favor.  Many states are accepting submissions from citizens.  In fact, this site previously held a Michigan Redistricting Competition a few years ago where residents were encouraged to draw and submit their own maps.  While these had no guarantee of being used, it did give communities a chance to learn more about the process and what is involved.   Redistricting is no doubt a tedious drawn-out process, but it’s imperative that you stay informed.  The only way to protect your voting rights is to participate in the process and to stay educated.