Lawsuit Challenging Redistricting Denied

The controversial redistricting plan put together by republicans has stood up against the pressure of local civil rights groups.  Many residents felt that this plan could have been more fair and involved more bi-partisan leadership.  Regardless, the feds have gone on the record and pretty much say the lawsuit has no merit whatsoever.  The lawsuit was heard by a smaller judge panel and they collectively decided that there simply wasn’t enough evidence for the proceeding to move on.  This isn’t really surprising to anyone involved, but it will have a major impact on who holds political office for years to come.

The most glaring change involved districts near Detroit, MI.  I touched upon this in a previous blog post, but essentially one district was completely eliminated while many others have had the liberal majority diluted.  Civil Rights activists in the state claimed that the new congressional maps are pretty much forcing the hands of black politicians to oppose each other for their job and the makeup of the district won’t allow residents to hold their elected officials accountable.